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Emma Pickens, Digital Marketing Manager at Sionic

“I’ve had quite a rapid entry into financial services.  I originally joined as an intern and thought I’d only be here for a few weeks, learning about the sector and getting some hands-on marketing experience.

“What actually happened was that as soon as I arrived, we acquired one firm and then in less than a year merged with another to become Sionic.  I was really pleased to be offered a permanent role as there’s a huge amount to do and it’s always interesting. As well as working on events and campaigns and news, which I expected, I’ve already worked on our brand development, met a number of VIPs and helped announce the opening of our new overseas base.   

“It’s not just the business that’s exciting.  I particularly like the fact that we have a flat structure.  I get to work with pretty much everyone in the firm, and they are all prepared to share knowledge and give you their time. There’s also a good mix of people, from experts with years of specialist experience to graduates coming into consultancy for the first time.

“Perhaps the most surprising aspect of my Sionic career is our values-driven culture. Our values really do influence the way we work. At Sionic, people respect your life outside work. And the first question they often ask is what I did at the weekend, rather than ‘how’s work going?’. It may sound subtle, but not when you’re the one being asked.”

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Corporate functions career opportunities at Sionic

At Sionic, we combine advisory and consulting delivery services with learning and development expertise, a skillset unique among consulting firms. We are acquiring new companies, winning new business and growing at a rapid rate. And we do it all via our people. So, we place great importance on how we recruit and who we hire.

Excellence is a baseline. We are not in business to provide a quick fix but go beyond first thoughts to deliver long-lasting, transformative solutions that make change happen for our clients.

Our excellence is not confined to our consultants. You will find it in every corner and in every career. Your induction will introduce you to many of our people and much of what we do. It will also present you with our values, a set of behaviours we all work by.

So, whether you work in accounts or in human resources, IT or marketing, you will work alongside first-class people and be expected to collaborate and contribute to make change happen. That’s what makes us Sionic.