Best shoring

We helped our client to optimise and balance financial opportunities within low-cost centres across 50 countries and 60 general ledgers in Asia, EMEA and Latin America

The challenge

Our client’s organisational aspirations for finance optimisation conflicted with differing in-country management viewpoints, regulatory requirements and risk assessments. As a result, the benefits of previous transformation initiatives had not been realised. Our brief included developing a shared in-country / global framework, target process models, transfer pricing policies and capabilities, and a sustainable management and governance model. Their development occurred in an environment that was increasingly sceptical of the tangible benefits, especially in future years.

Our approach

We created a flexible decisioning / governance model through a series of discovery workshops with key stakeholders. Key actions included respectful recognition of disparate and legacy approaches to specialised activities and optimisation efforts; the documentation and capture of best practices, and the emergence of an enhanced view of the TOM. Successful delivery of this brief involved building accurate cross-functional operational metrics that were recognised as a single source of truth. We also developed an on-shore communication model for exception-based management to direct off-shore resources as and when needed. Over and above defining a methodology and roadmap, we led the execution and POC management and governance process, and overlapped during the initial implementation phase

Our impact

Global and local benefits were captured along with improved risk mitigation capabilities and functional risk ratings, across a financial services firm as well as a specialised boutique financial services firm (~200 FTE firm with global footprint). As a result of our work, our client was able to right-size their real estate footprint and operational capacity concentration, with flexible deployment options and intentional retention utilisation of their mature staff capabilities.

Meet the experts

Joseph Denci

Managing partner