Empowering women in financial services

We created a unique, open programme for all financial services firms, combining individual coaching with a two-day workshop

Financial services companies work hard to attract and retain talent. They turn to Catalyst to stem the flow of women leaving the industry.

The challenge

All sectors of industry must attract and retain talented people if they are to thrive. The financial services sector, like many others, has a particular issue retaining women once they reach mid to senior level in seniority.

To address this issue, and to harness the benefits of greater gender equality, a number of our clients, employers and individual women approached us and asked if we could find a way to develop the potential of women in middle management, and allow the finest talent in financial services to flourish.

Our approach

We designed and delivered a unique, open programme for all organisations across the financial services sector. Grounded in our considerable knowledge of the challenges faced by those working in technique and operational roles in particular, our inaugural programme combined first-class individual coaching with a two-day workshop.

All participants were encouraged to:

  • Gain an understanding of their talents, motivations and values
  • Develop a personal, sustainable vision for their career
  • Use confidence enhancing strategies
  • Navigate their organisations successfully
  • Evolve resources to support their career ambitions

To guarantee our programme’s halo effect, all participants left with a set of action points and the ongoing support of our specialist coaches

Note: This case study was first published by Catalyst prior to the Sionic merger

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