Know your client process redesign

We redesigned the whole KYC process worldwide for a large European bank’s corporate and investment banking business

The challenge

This was a strategic project for the client, whose goal was not just to gain in efficiency or transparency on the project but also to improve drastically on their customer experience, in order to generate more business. We were appointed to work on a complete end to end re-design of a comprehensive client records and speedier client review process. Our objectives were to:

  • improve the transparency of the in-process status of cases already begun but not yet completed, to identify means of reducing or avoiding bottlenecks in the system;
  • increase control over the end-to-end client on-boarding process through automation, resulting in the reduction of human interpretation, error and data input issues;
  • reduce the number of non-value add, manual steps and processes
  • improve the transparency of aggregate client on-boarding services portfolio demographics and trends for management and regulatory reporting; and to
  • enhance the visibility of status of individual cases and portfolios throughout the entire client on-boarding process, including exceptions and escalations.

Our approach

We delivered a complete study in which all targeted processes were described and in which the vendor system capabilities were mapped, assessed, analysed for gaps and ranked. We then created a work plan for the delivery of missing functionalities and a deployment plan.

Our impact

The work we did to create controlled and centralised client on-boarding and account maintenance processes improved our client’s time to revenue, efficiencies and client satisfaction.

Meet the team

Pino Vallejo

Managing partner