Market review and roadmap for sales & marketing technology deployment

Technologies used in sales & marketing are often fragmented, underdeveloped and/or underutilised. A clear roadmap with strong business sponsorship is key in delivering effective change.  

The challenge

Our client, a leading European asset manager, identified a gap in their strategic thinking regarding the deployment of sales and marketing technologies. Catalyst was commissioned to aid the client in confirming the needs of the business – across the globe and throughout the sales and service lifecycle- by providing an insight into how the increasing number of software solutions entering the market today are being effectively deployed. Our aim was to assist our client in developing their strategic roadmap to deliver an improved solution for clients and their business.

Our approach

We undertook this assignment by means of desktop research, confidential interviews with Catalyst’s clients, referencing our existing knowledge bank and conducting interviews with marketing, sales and service personnel from across the sales lifecycle within our client and their peers.

Catalyst gathered information from 15 asset managers active in institutional and wholesale markets and interviewed personnel from seven of these firms. Once the inputs had been gathered, Catalyst facilitated a series of workshops to define the business requirements for future sales & marketing systems, together with the roadmap and prioritisation to deliver such requirements.

Our impact

A clear strategy and vision is required to build a consistent, global technology platform to align various parts of the business along the sales lifecycle. Catalyst identified the needs of the business from stakeholders across the sales lifecycle, and through a series workshops, we assisted our client come to a set of agreed principles and vision for future sales & marketing technologies by bringing our industry experience and knowledge. We delivered tools and advice to evaluate the strategic fit of potential technology solutions consistent with the agreed principles and vision.

“Knowing our business and global strategy – and bringing current market knowledge – was an invaluable contribution”

– Chief operating officer, leading European asset manager

Note: This case study was first published by Catalyst prior to the Sionic merger

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