Resource optimisation

We achieved a measurable and significant improvement of resource productivity, lower production costs and an optimised staff mix across more than 50 countries and 60 general ledgers

The challenge

Demands for change were being driven by a high dissatisfaction level (customer and organisation) in the work of 1,800+ FTE with100+ job descriptions delivering 55+ services (simple and complex) across 19 technology platforms supporting 60+ general ledgers required an agile solution and tangible results. Our mandate included the requirement to recognise and respect local decision-making rights while building an integrated global capability.

Our approach

We developed a flexible TOM aligned role-matrix was developed (9 box) that captured disparate and legacy approaches to specialised activities and proposed a functionally standardised view of the building blocks required to support a sustainable process model that met regulatory and fiduciary requirements. Successful delivery involved building an accurate cross-function in-country and/or regional understanding, including local policy and management nuances. Over and above defining a methodology and roadmap, we facilitated cross-functional analysis, POC demonstration and additional program opportunities as well as ‘train the transformer’ workshops and operated a 24×6 support structure hosted from London, Rotterdam, Chicago, and Singapore.

Our impact

This was the first global finance HR model transformation accomplished within 180 days by this large organisation. As well as achieving the goals of resource alignment, benefits were also realised in employee engagement, satisfaction, and the ability to flexibly sync staffing capacity with customer demand.  Savings exceeded 20% and record employee satisfaction ratings, reduced turnover, and significant quality improvement were achieved.

Meet the experts

Joseph Denci

Managing partner