Aran Dadswell addresses Mensa members

14 May

Sionic Director Aran Dadswell has been invited to address a webinar for fellow members of British Mensa exploring the impact of the global Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic on mental health. 

Aran is an expert in connection, collaboration and resilience in financial services, a qualified practitioner in mindfulness and a senior member of Sionic’s specialist Learning & Development team. She comments:

“COVID-19 has taught the world that compassion and understanding are vital for personal and work well-being. More and more individuals, firms and countries are understanding the need for mental health to be at the heart of all our lives.  People also need to take care of themselves: it’s essential to ‘put your own oxygen mask on first’ to help yourself, others around you and society in general. I’ve always been extremely proud of my Mensa membership and am delighted to be sharing this session with fellow Mensans.”


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