Crypto Fraud – How Safe is Your Money?

15 Jun

Tempted to invest in crypto – or maybe you already have? The rising popularity of crypto coins and token investment in the mainstream market has been matched with an inevitable increase in frauds and scams.

Sionic has expertise in all aspects of financial crime and compliance including fraud and cyber crime prevention.

Join this one hour webinar for top tips and expert advice around staying safe in the world of crypto investing, direct from leading Sionic specialists in the prevention of financial crime Nikhil Gandesha, Gareth Evans and Francisco Jiménez, General Director at Zaballos Law Firm.

We’ll discuss the security of crypto investing, ask how safe is your money and examine the key trends and techniques fraudsters use and how this affects banking customers, both crypto holders and non-crypto holders.

What fraud and scams are we seeing in crypto?

  • Exchange account hacking
  • Social engineering and phishing
  • Investment scams and telegram
  • Crypto keys and wallets
  • Fraud trends with non-crypto holders
  • Crypto Mules
  • Account Takeover
  • Banks blocking the use of crypto exchanges
  • Top 10 tips for staying safe online
  • Future of Crypto and Blockchain technology and its use in fraud prevention.

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