How to stay ahead of crypto regulation

02 Nov

With the rise of crypto and virtual assets, trading with a decentralised currency in a low-regulation environment is now commonplace.

But regulators and Governments, including in both the US and EU, are catching up – fast.

And it’s imperative for all those involved to stay ahead of the complex landscape of relevant regulation.

Led by Sionic financial crime and compliance expert Nikhil Gandesha and Nick Paraskeva, founder of regulatory horizon scanning provider Reg Room, this webinar will show you exactly what you need to know now, and do next.

It’s ideal for anyone already involved in, or considering entering, the complex world of cryptocurrency.

Discover how to:

  • tackle global and cross-jurisdictional solvency, KYC and fraud prevention legislation – and so much more
  • future-proof your approach to crypto-relevant regulation
  • find the tools and techniques you need to get ahead – and stay ahead – of regulatory requirements on any subject