People may be our greatest asset – but where’s the real ROI on development?

27 May

Should we be alarmed that % spend on training continues to fall? What is the solution to developing highly skilled and capable employees?

Join Sionic leadership experts Deborah Challinor and Mark Brotherwood to discuss the crucial role of training in capability uplift and how organisations can maximise the ROI from their investment.

The challenge
All firms want highly motivated, high performing employees to help them achieve growth, efficiency, automation goals.

Retention is essential as recruitment challenges rise and the costs of staff ‘churn’ escalate.

Post-pandemic, people want work that offers purpose, meaning and professional development – as a matter of course.

And yet

• Investment in training and development is declining, as budgets focus on IT change
• Leaders are under efficiency pressures to train staff ‘on the job’
• Hybrid learning is hitting its inbuilt limitations – particularly around screentime exhaustion
• And firms assume people can self-develop via a myriad of generic e-learning packages

Our approach
We are industry experts in human development for financial services. We believe training is a “Primary Element” in building organisational capability. But for ROI to be maximised it must be reinforced with “Amplifying Elements” which embed that enhanced capability and ensure long-lasting performance.

Fridays are a great day for thinking, so come and join our free session addressing one of the significant people challenges in our industry today. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling refreshed, inspired, connected and expanded!

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