Risk.net Libor Summit UK 2019

21 Nov

Libor underpins $300 trillion of bonds, loans & derivatives and has been the benchmark used to determine interest rates on everything from student loans, mortgages to derivatives and credit cards  Will it really cease to exist in 2021? What does the future of the industry look like post-Libor?

Sionic Managing Partner Xavier Pujos discusses these and other topics and demonstrates the Sionic Libor Utility Model at this industry-leading event.

Libor Summit UK 2019

Following the keynote opening address by Edwin Schooling Latter, Director of Markets and Wholesale Policy at the Financial Conduct Authority, Xavier will join Olivier Balpe, Head of the Group IBOR Transition Programme at Société Générale and Navin Rauniar, Libor transition lead at HSBC to discuss:

  • The operational challenges of moving to new rates
  • A checklist for systems upgrades – the size of the IT challenge and what changes firms need to make

In the afternoon session, Xavier will host a live demonstration of the Sionic Utility Model – systematic contract re-papering and client negotiations.

Sionic’s LIBOR-to-RFR utility handles derivatives, loan books, contracts by providing bespoke blends of technology with operational and para-legal support. This enables cost-effective contracts digitisation, risk classification and re-papering, covering client outreach, negotiation and revised contracts exchange.  Benefits include:

  • Integrated legal / triage / outreach teams, providing 24/7 client coverage
  • Clear, centralised, single team ownership of repapering for each client
  • Flexible, scalable resource within existing and new teams
  • Local legal, outreach and relationship management escalation
  • Self-sufficiency and cost efficiency through effective devolution to paralegals
  • Reduced demand on internal teams, releasing essential resource back to the bank

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