Sionic Addresses Arab Federation of Capital Markets

09 May

Running from May 9 – 10 2023 in Muscat, Oman, the Arab Federation of Capital Markets (AFCM) Annual Conference is the largest event for stock exchanges and capital markets in the Arab world. Leaders from across the Arab capital markets industry will gather to discuss the growth of the Arabian capital markets ecosystem, including the opportunities and challenges of enhancing integration and liquidity among exchanges across the region.

Sionic clearing, risk and regulation expert Christian Lee joins a panel of distinguished speakers on Day Two to discuss “CCP Risk Management in a Fat-Tailed World”, addressing:

  • Are we assuming CCPs should underwrite risk without limit? Would alternative financial resources for CCP resolution be an option? When instead of risk we face uncertainty, are prescriptive approaches effective?
  • Mitigating margin procyclicality: how APC measures implemented by CCPs were effective during COVID-19.
  • CCPs, derivatives, and climate risk: to what extent climate risks relate to the CCP’s risk management models and strategies? What specific aspects, if any, are particularly relevant or different for CCPs? Which derivative products could be more affected?
  • CCPs contribution to mitigating systemic risk: how to strike the right balance to align the incentives of market participants with the social objective of financial stability, without impairing the objective and benefits of central clearing? Do new clearing models change the calculus? How can we get a better picture of risk across the system as a whole, rather than purely within the centrally cleared sector?

Find out more about the AFCM Conference here.

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