Sionic Speaks at University of Hong Kong

25 Nov

Sionic financial crime and compliance expert Nikhil Gandesha (pic third left) joined an expert panel in Hong Kong to address the concluding session of the University of Hong Kong (HKU)’s Compliance & Regulation financial crime and compliance course. Nikhil and the panel focused on crypto regulation, financial regulation and the culture of compliance.

Speaking at the course conclusion, organiser and host John L. commented:

“It was fantastic to have two seasoned industry practitioners, Nikhil Gandesha of Sionic – A Davies Company and Samuel Lung of EY, joining us to share their insights and experience on various topical trends and issues in the financial crime compliance space. Among other things, we discussed the implications of the evolving geopolitical environment, conflicting sanctions regimes, and recent events like the FTX saga and how they would invariably impact our students as compliance professionals.

We also explored the challenges to managing financial crime risks in practice, such as the role of regulations (the stick vs. carrot approach), meaning of ‘good’ culture in a robust FCC governance framework, and more importantly how our students should prepare themselves in response to difficult questions, situations and the like as they advance in their respective careers. While the panel session lasted for an hour or so, Henry YU and I are most certain that our students had benefited immensely from the collective experience and wisdom that Nikhil and Samuel shared, for which we are both very grateful for their unreserved sharing and also for offering their time on a Friday evening!

Once again, thank you very much Nikhil and Samuel! And we wish our LLM students all the best as they are preparing for their submission of the take-home examination, which we look forward to reviewing in due course.”