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All financial institutions are required by law to implement the Know Your Customer (KYC) process to establish the legitimacy of a customer’s identity and identify potential risk factors. Undertaking KYC training is crucial in preparing compliance teams to meet regulatory expectations and making it easier to manage and mitigate risks to the organisation.

However, when it comes to KYC training, one size does not fit all. Rather than working through “tick-the-box” exercises, training should focus on giving employees an appropriate level of AML/KYC knowledge and equipping them to confidently spot suspicious situations and execute their roles effectively.

Specialized KYC training

Sionic’s Digital KYC Academy provides the knowledge and skills needed to mitigate the risk of AML infractions. This course enables line or senior managers to better assess the underlying customer risk through a detailed understanding of the regulatory framework upon which their business operates, while also enabling enhanced processes and better-managed teams.

Designed by skilled professionals with a deep understanding of CLM and global regulations for the definition of AML policy, aligned to the ACAMS certification and with real hands-on and best market practice, the academy provides in-detail up-to-date knowledge and practical examples focusing on how to perform KYC analysis rather than why it’s important, ensuring best-in-class solutions for teams.

Key points:

  • Digital training, covering the latest KYC, AML and CLM practices and regulations
  • Highly practical and engaging learning based on real-life scenarios
  • Four interactive modules that can be completed between 30 minutes – one hour, ensuring your teams are not away from work for long periods of time
  • Increased job effectiveness and performance and reduced costs
  • Training for all functions that require KYC and AML knowledge

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