Client Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) Overview

Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Know Your Customer (KYC) onboarding remains a material challenge for financial institutions, with average on-boarding periods of up to 30 days. This is in large part driven by the increasing, and converging, volume of regulatory and anti-money laundering regulations. Ineffective KYC, anti money laundering (AML) or sanction monitoring practices all compromise reputational risk and may imply the imposition of penalties for non-compliance, constantly increasing, in size and frequency. We deliver day-to-day KYC activities for global financial institutions as well as addressing the strategic re-design of global policies, target operating models and technology platform selection and implementation.


We help clients to identify their money laundering risks, including their legal, regulatory and reputational risks, by assessing clients’ customer, product and service profile. Our specialist expertise in regulatory compliance, technology and operational change enables us to provide organisations with the most suitable solution to meet their business needs.

  • Control & governance
  • Customer Due Diligence (CDD) program definition
  • Implementation & execution procedures
  • Target operating model (TOM) design

Staff awareness of the importance of knowing clients’ profile is essential. The cultural shift towards financial crime compliance should show alignment to the defined target operating model, with the appropriate policies, processes, tools and controls. As experts in risk culture, compliance and behaviour, we offer unique expertise in ‘a culture of compliance’ and bespoke ‘KYC Academy‘ training to all the groups and teams involved in the KYC/CDD process as well as preparation for audit and regulatory exams.

  • Compliance culture definition and implementation: building incentives, measures and networks
  • Compliance training to build the skills and ensure engagement with compliance
  • Compliance risk awareness definition and high performance behaviour model

We provide outsourcing capabilities that supplement our clients’ existing end to end due diligence processes of client on-boarding and periodic reviews for low, medium and/or high-risk clients. We also perform outsourcing of specific stages of these processes as required including customer document collection, document storage, risk assessment, anti money laundering (AML) screening, tax classification and approval proof collection.

  • Complete outsourcing
  • Partial outsourcing

Understanding the importance of the review process within the know your client / customer due diligence process is essential.  In order to be properly maintained, client data must be periodically updated in accordance with the firm’s risk cycle. Our expert team provides support in both policy definition and business as usual activities, to ensure clients’ periodic reviews are both timely and effective.

  • Procedures definition, including global approach to reviews
  • Workflow execution to build clients’ KYC files by risk level

The remediation process is usually triggered either by external or internally identified audit issues, regulatory breaches or the need to improve process efficiency. Our experts ensure that remediation process standards are met by implementing controls and governance around the remediated files to integrate to existing workflows.

  • Client files rebuilds in accordance with new criteria
  • Process deficiencies and risks identification
  • Remediation strategy and criteria definition

We provide outsourcing capabilities to perform customer screening ensuring consistency and compliance with the appropriate global standards, and continuously monitor all customers more efficiently against the broadest database of sanctions, PEPs, and Adverse Media. Through this screening process, we help our clients to streamline onboarding with escalations and all the necessary information for decision-making.

Our screening service provides:

  • Robust Global Coverage with trusted information
  • Consistency and Structured Profiles
  • Sophisticated Matching Algorithms and Customization when necessary
  • Efficient Alerting and High precision Filtering
  • Traceability and transparency
  • Reporting

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