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We help our clients to understand their business challenges and we design, build, deliver, and support innovative tools to solve them.  We follow industry best practice delivery methods, either as a service or actively working within our clients’ processes.  We understand important internal debates, be it ‘build versus buy’, finding the right time to buy (‘never re-create the wheel’), or deciding when to build and when to innovate (‘we know our business better than the vendors’). And we can navigate all points in between, including advising firms on how best to leverage micro-services to design innovative approaches to manage risk and cost.


Technology moves at an alarming pace. Understanding which technologies are appropriate for a business can provide competitive advantage whilst avoiding expensive mistakes. We help clients understand how technologies such as artificial intelligence & machine learning, blockchain as well as data lakes and elastic search can be used to enhance their business.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML)
  • Blockchain
  • Data lake & elastic search

Working with our software partners, we provide our clients with innovative tools and platforms to address challenges across financial services, from automation of operational processes to risk and profitability management needs. Our focus on machine learning / deep learning brings our clients transformational change opportunities.

  • Project management
  • Subject matter expertise and business analysis
  • Test strategy, management & test execution
  • Vendor coordination

The lines are blurring between the traditional options of building software vs. buying packages from vendors. Partnering for bespoke development, engaging with fintech’s, assembling functionality with existing microservices are all options that defy clean categorisation. We help our clients avoid redundant development while leveraging tools and services to innovate.

  • Systems shortlisting
  • RFI/RFP design
  • Systems inspection & appraisal
  • Commercial analysis
  • Architecture recommendations

Moving to the cloud” is about more than outsourcing to Google or Amazon. It is a change of approach to IT infrastructure, rearchitecting for efficiency and flexibility. We help our clients understand and move to infrastructure as code, continuous integration, event driven programming, domain-driven design, and other cloud-related concepts.

  • continuous integration
  • event-driven programming
  • infrastructure as code
  • IT management implications
  • migration strategy

The hardest part of machine learning is annotating the data. We understand the tools and services available to speed the process, and to do it in a safe and effective way. From outsourced services to internal tools that leverage staff expertise, we help our clients convert their unstructured data.

  • Use case analysis
  • Data collection and cleansing
  • Tagging services selection and implementation

Deep learning is a transformational technology.  As opposed to more incremental strategies like robotics process automation, deep learning promises to revolutionise industries. There are use cases that lend themselves to a deep learning solution and those that don’t. We help our clients find and exploit the right opportunities.

  • data annotation analysis
  • monitoring plan
  • staff / module integration plan
  • use case identification

Sionic’s FundFinance solution provides a range of AI assisted portfolio and risk management tools specifically built for fund finance lenders, offering:

  • AI-based ingestion of deal and borrowing base information from official deal documentation
  • exposure – able to slice and dice exposures across deals, investors; download data to Excel for ad hoc reporting, define standard reports that are produced automatically
  • fund manager performance tracking
  • integrated credit hierarchy; auto-assigned internal rating using your rating model
  • investor name matching – IBM v I.B.M. v International Business Machines – to ensure a consistent investor across all deals
  • maintenance of an investor hierarchy – sponsors, borrowers, SPVs
  • single “true source” of fund finance data
  • supports sophisticated deal structures – subscription – advance rates, investor classification concentration caps, hurdle rates, umbrella deals, NAV – asset-specific performance parameters
  • tracking investor behaviour across deals

Information and cyber security are paramount in protecting client data, personal data, a firm’s intellectual property and data assets. In a digitised business firms are ever-more susceptible to malicious and non-malicious data loss. We help firms protect their data through technical, process and organisational controls to ensure that risks are understood, controlled and mitigated.

  • data privacy design and health-checks
  • information security management design
  • process engineering
  • security analysis and review

Leveraging machine learning requires a different approach to IT management. The interaction between the models and the data brings specific challenges. Identifying, and preparing the data, building training and test sets, defining success, creating models, integrating the solution, and continuously improvement all require new approaches to development and deployment processes.

  • data preparation
  • model selection
  • performance monitoring
  • production integration
  • training success validation

We train technologists, teams and organisations on personal, technology and business impact skills, and develop the most senior and expert technologists in the financial services industry. We help guide large scale organisational and cultural change as well as supporting executives develop good IT-programme sponsorship.

  • Distinguished Engineer development
  • Enterprise Engineer development
  • executive coaching and sponsor training
  • high performance team development
  • organisational and cultural change
  • talent coaching and development

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