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Our expertise covers a wide range of topics including client relationship management, sales, research, structuring, execution and trading. Our reach spans beyond capital markets products and our specialisms cover all aspects of lending including trade and corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, equity (shares, futures, swaps and options), cash management and prime services business lines. Working closely with our compliance, technology, regulation and operations specialist teams, we support trading desks’ risk management, data (particularly market data) needs; we help research and structuring teams to implement regulation; and we manage change and transformation, regulatory implementations, applications integration and new deployment projects.


We work with our clients to implement CRMs, manage tools to capture and analyse their own clients’ needs, behavioural patterns and the products and services they require. We also provide essential reporting information such as the key indicators that those clients expect from their core banking relationships.

Regulatory requirements in bonds, equity and debt capital markets, mergers and acquisitions are often extremely prescriptive. We contribute to the implementation of new processes and solutions, enabling our clients not simply to cope with the legal frameworks they face in each jurisdiction but also to use that necessity as an opportunity to improve their services.

We help banks and investment management firms manage their market risks across the whole cross valuation adjustment (XVA) spectrum: from a model aspect to the practical implementation of limits and monitoring of the return on indicators such as economic capital.

We have a wide range of expertise including loans, trade and corporate finance and structured finance. We can, for instance, intervene in the traditional corporate and commercial banking segments of an investment bank to review and upgrade processes, migrate from a legacy software solution to a more advanced one, or put in place data governance tools and procedures.

  • Corporate finance
  • Loan structuring and syndication
  • Structured finance
  • Trade finance

Our experience in trading a wide variety of products ideally positions us to help clients with their strategic organisation of trading activities, the adaptation of the trading practices to new regulations including MiFID II, the Volker rule and French banking law.

Clients are increasingly seeking banks’ support for their trade execution, clearing, operational tasks, payments, valuations, custody activities. We increase our clients’ ability to respond to these demands by managing projects to implement such services and optimise their efficiency, leveraging our expertise on complex topics such as collateral optimisation and trade and transaction reporting.

  • Clearing
  • Collateral management
  • Custody
  • Execution on exchanges
  • Prime brokerage
  • Security services
  • Trade reporting

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