Back to work – or forwards to a better future?

Beyond exit strategies and into a new BAU: our latest Coronavirus COVID-19 thinking advises leaders on the priorities to address now

In a few short months, the world has gone through radical upheaval due to the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic – and financial services is not immune from the impact. The latest in Sionic’s advisory briefings for clients and market participants is Back to work – or forwards to a better future? from wealth management and private banking expert Philip Biber.

Philip Biber comments:

“In many ways, this global experience forces finance to go back to its roots and think about its fundamental purpose of servicing clients well. Now, as countries and sectors begin to address their ‘exit strategy’, there is both a need, and an opportunity, to re-define what the new normal should look like.

As professional advisors to the global wealth management market, we believe there is no going back to the future. Firms which believe and behave as if the good old days will return simply will not survive.

After any major financial crash, regardless of cause, paradigm shift is inevitable. Leaders must stay ahead of the game and be ready, now, to shape and succeed in a new world.

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