Chartered Banker Institute showcases Paul Dobbs’ ESG blog

We believe it’s vital that financial firms take climate change seriously and act on it now

Leading professional body The Chartered Banker Institute has chosen to feature Sionic Director and ESG expert Paul Dobbs’ blog on climate change in its latest global member mailing.  The Institute is the largest professional body for bankers in the UK, with more than 30,000 members and students in 87 countries worldwide.

Paul Dobbs comments:

The Chartered Banker Institute is internationally respected for its focus on building resilience in our profession and our sector, and I’d like to thank them and their CEO Simon Thompson personally for choosing to feature my blog: it’s a fantastic opportunity to share Sionic’s expertise on climate risk with a global audience. The Sionic team advise banks and financial institutions on all types of risk, including the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 on businesses, markets and people. And in our view, while COVID-19 is extremely serious and may last for months if not years, climate change remains an existential threat that will impact for decades, if not centuries. So while climate change may dip in and out of minds and headlines, it’s vital that financial firms continue without fail to take the threat very seriously and act on it now. The good news is that’s not an incompatible set of choices: any response to COVID-19 can – and should – also be used as a response to climate change risk.”

Read the article here on The Chartered Banker Institute website.

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