Coronavirus – a newly updated view from Sionic

Our second Coronavirus COVID-19 briefing paper looks at what has changed for people, business and markets globally in just two weeks

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect people, business and markets worldwide, we have today [24 March 2020]  updated and re-issued our Coronavirus briefing: impact on markets and business authored by Xavier Pujos, Sionic Managing Partner and risk expert.

Download our newly updated briefing: Coronavirus: impact on markets and business 2nd instalment

Our new, updated briefing focuses on:

  • the current situation
  • where cases are rising fastest
  • the effects of COVID-19 on the global economy as fear takes hold
  • a review of governmental responses and suggestions of what more they could, or should, do
  • what’s been delivered so far, including the tax, monetary policy, legislation & unemployment benefits, government spending & medical services investments, capital measures and other key measures adopted by different governments across the world
  • what we can expect next in terms of mitigation and suppression measures
  • overall market impact

Download this briefing in full here


About the author

Gareth Cameron

Director of marketing & communications

I am a marketer that has spent the past decade marketing and performing strategic functions across several business sectors.