Sionic discusses Corporate Actions with the Asset Servicing Times

Jim Monahan explores the path forwards in a post-pandemic world

In this article for the Asset Servicing Times edition 264, (pp 14 – 17) Sionic Partner and Corporate Actions expert Jim Monahan reflects on the lessons learned in the world of corporate actions over the last year and, more importantly, considers the opportunities that lie ahead.

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Extract: As the light at the end of our journey through the global pandemic starts to become brighter, it’s time to reflect on the lessons learned in the world of corporate actions over the last year; and, more importantly, to consider what opportunities lie ahead.

At its onset, the pandemic exposed a wide spectrum of weaknesses within financial services. Many can be attributed to legacy practices and mindsets that grew from the bygone era of physical securities and other practices which simply failed to evolve over decades. Such traditions and ways of thinking challenged the industry and triggered our ability to reassess how we do our business and adjust to the new remote working environment that many were required to quickly adapt and continue to work from today. As the pandemic persisted, we saw resilience rise to meet challenges old and new. The industry adapted and responded to new demands and growing disruptions alongside the pre-existing ones with which we are all too familiar. And unlike the crisis of 2008/2009, financial services responded well. Without ample time to brace for the impact of the pandemic, our industry did two
things; adapted to change and became more strategic.

Now it’s time to build on the lessons learned in 2020/2021 and prepare for a more seamless, client centric, less risk-prone corporate actions operations environment. In doing so we must utilise the expansive knowledge behind today’s industry to preserve the best lessons learned from yesterday while building a better foundation for tomorrow…  To read on, download the full article here

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