Sionic features in PIMFA Journal Spring/Summer 2020

Wealth managers have a ‘golden moment’ to realise that an effective Board makes morally right decisions

Sionic Managing Partner Gilly Green writes about governance and ethics in the Spring/Summer 2020 edition of the PIMFA Journal published by the Personal Investment Management & Financial Advice Association.

In her piece “An effective Board makes morally right decisions” Gilly argues for the importance of purpose, leadership and culture, which all form a fundamental part of the Board effectiveness reviews that Sionic’s Wealth Management & Private Banking expert team regularly undertake.

Gilly comments:

“A year since Woodford was hot news, its flagship fund frozen – and still the FCA has still not published any findings or lessons to be learned. But let’s not kid ourselves here. We don’t need to wait:  the real issue is Corporate Governance.  It doesn’t matter whether everyone acted within the rules, or not; good governance is supposed to promote a company’s long-term health.  It failed.  And the root cause of failure is ineffective leadership.”

She adds:

Wealth managers can learn from this crisis.  Even before the regulator declares its hand, we have a golden moment to get ahead and make corporate governance fit-for-purpose and Boards truly effective.”

You can read the full article starting on page 22 of the PIMFA Journal below:

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