Why suitability remains the largest inherent risk

Gilly Green speaks to Citywire’s Wealth Manager about the disruption MiFID II could cause to suitability

Featured in an article by Selin Bucak in Citywire’s Wealth Manager, Catalyst’s Gilly Green is quoted agreeing that there is a danger that the implementation of MiFID II could cause disruption in relation to suitability.

“[The next review in] 2019 will be post-mifid, which looks at suitability end-to-end. It brings in the distribution and manufacturing elements. That in itself will cause a bit of a disruption in terms of the process.”

Gilly also voices her concern around the absence of a public body that informs clients of all the changes.

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Note: This news article was first published by Knadel Limited prior to the Catalyst-Sionic merger

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