Sionic develops bespoke dashboards to boost data-driven decisions

Our customisable dashboard facilitates real time decision making

Sionic has developed a customisable dashboard that facilitates real-time decision making for financial institutions. This tool has been developed by the Sionic Madrid team, led by Managing Partner Emiliano Salcines and Director Silvia Amorós, working in partnership with Smart Visual Data experts Zeus.

Sionic Director Silvia Amoros introduces the Sionic Dashboard

Sionic Director Silvia Amoros introduces the Sionic Dashboard

Sionic Dashboard

All financial institutions need to manage and interrogate significant volumes of complex data, in order to make effective strategic and tactical decisions. But effective data analysis is frequently hampered by how data is presented, and obtaining meaningful results is often complex and time consuming.

In order to address this, Sionic has created a new customisable dashboard that works in real-time to enable clients to make better data-driven decisions.

The fully customisable Sionic dashboard enables firms to:

  • visualise daily business results in an immediate, automated and personalised way;
  • use bespoke KPIs and SLAs to see specific information that highlights any critical variations in business operations;
  • reduce the time taken to extract and display raw data;
  • understand and react to critical information and manage the business in real time.

Sionic dashboards also include automatic maintenance and ‘On Alert’ systems to ensure clients receive critical information warnings and can respond within an effective timeframe.

Find out more about Sionic dashboards in this video.

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