Sionic Discusses Gender Diversity on Boards

From challenge comes change and, argues Shelley Doorey-Williams, change we must

Sionic Partner Shelley Doorey-Williams discusses Gender Diversity on Boards in her latest piece for CityWealth.

Shelley, who was herself shortlisted for CityWealth’s PowerWomen Awards says:

“A challenge that is universally felt right now is how we emerge from the pandemic and address the myriad of impacts it has left.  From challenge comes change and change we must. With the backdrop of the pandemic, it is perhaps unsurprising that the theme for this year for International Women’s Day is #choosetochallenge. 

My personal pledge is to raise awareness of the importance and progress being made around gender diversity at a board level. The aim of my pledge was to help to advance two important topics.  Firstly, to improve levels of gender equality and inclusivity. And, secondly, to raise awareness around the positive impact that diversity and inclusion can have on the effectiveness of boards and improved levels of corporate governance overall.”  

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Meet the author

I’m a Chartered governance professional and a committed advocate of diversity, with 28 years’ multi-industry experience