Sionic Announces New Electronic Identification Implementation Package for Offshore Firms

We’ve launched a new E-ID service for regulated offshore firms

Sionic’s specialist offshore team has put together a box-set package to help regulated offshore firms select and deploy electronic identification (E-ID) within their compliance framework.​

Led by offshore specialist Dan Le Blancq, the team is based in Jersey, Channel Islands and works with clients across a range of key offshore jurisdictions, including Jersey, Guernsey, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.​

Dan Le Blancq says:​

“E-ID solutions are, quite simply, a better way to identify and verify real person clients than traditional paper certified true copies. But while E-ID solutions have proliferated and evolved since the first iterations appeared around 2014, uptake is a long way from universal (note the recent JFSC consultation feedback published Nov 2022). Firms still face a range of challenges to adoption, from choice overload to a lingering anxiety about regulatory acceptance.​

To smooth the path a little, we have created an integrated service package that helps firms to select and deploy the right E-ID solution for them, quickly and with confidence.  This covers all the practical elements you would expect from Sionic, including solution selection, product implementation, project delivery, and ongoing guidance/ support. ​

In addition, we are also able to help source legal opinions from local law firms to comment specifically on the chosen solution’s alignment with the applicable laws and regulations. Having used this approach during my time in the industry, I have seen first hand how this added ingredient can really help provide confidence to compliance departments and business leaders to embrace E-ID and reap its benefits.”​

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