Announcing the Sionic Story – our expertise speaks for itself

Our new video series features Sionic specialists talking about their expertise and the difference we believe we make

We are delighted to announce a new video series showcasing specialists speaking about their expertise and the difference we believe we make. These films form part of our ‘Sionic Story’ series, exploring our values, our expertise and key topics in our industry.

So far, over twenty Sionic specialists have been filmed for the series. The first films to be released featured governance expert Shelley Doorey Williams, from our Wealth management & private banking practice, talking about the importance of governance and opportunities for financial firms to be a force for good:

“The financial services industry is making investment decisions on behalf of individuals and organisations every single day. They can literally put their money where their mouth is by making investment decisions that are for the human good.”

And in this video, featuring Madrid-based Silvia Amorós from our Client lifecycle management practice and Emiliano Salcines, you can hear more about the Sionic Dashboards initiative, which is aimed at boosting the effectiveness of data-driven decisions:

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Sue Primmer

Chief marketing officer

Communications is a profession that never stands still. For me, it’s about getting to the heart of the business, the people, the story.