SME Tools: how to detoxify office politics

At Catalyst we strive to get our organisation and people working closely together

With a third of UK workers citing office politics as a major contributing factor to unhappiness at work, banking change expert Paul Butler spoke to the RBS Content Live Channel about how small to medium sized enterprises can build a healthy workplace culture.

“The roots of office politics extend back to early human history,” he explains. “Our brains have not evolved as fast as society has, so we still act like cavemen and get quite tribal. I worked in technology at a previous organisation, but a colleague who worked in a business development department constantly thwarted our attempts to make changes. ‘Over my dead body,’ he used to say in his single-minded view. It frustrated me and drove me out. At Catalyst we’ve striven to get the organisation and people working closer together.”

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Note: This news article was first published by Catalyst prior to the Sionic merger

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