Welcoming the London Careers Festival 2019

We’re encouraging more young people to consider City careers

On 17th June 2019, Sionic’s Employee Engagement team will host a Creative Careers Day in conjunction with Heart of The City.

This is a day for young people aged 12-15, which aims to help students from London schools to explore the full range of City careers available to them.

Drawing on Sionic’s expertise in talent development, the day will involve interactive sessions and workshops where students will be taught about the role of a financial consultant and have a chance to practice some consulting techniques in a fun and collaborative way.

Louise Gruppetta from Sionic’s Employee Engagement team, comments:

It’s so important that people see the City – financial services and every aspect of the eco-system that supports this global sector – as a realistic career choice. It matters not just because it opens up job opportunities for young people, but because it brings a richer set of skills and potential and life experiences to the City itself. That makes us all stronger. Throughout the day students will meet a range of Sionic colleagues who will give them an insight into what consulting is all about, with the hope of inspiring them to explore this career pathway in the future.  And we hope to have some fun along the way!