Xavier Pujos discusses lessons in lockdown with Le Figaro

Sionic risk expert Xavier Pujos discusses why microseconds matter to markets, managers and regulators in lockdown

Sionic Managing Partner and risk and regulation expert Xavier Pujos features in the 20 April 2020 edition of Le Figaro, discussing the impact of the Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown on markets, traders and regulators.

Le Figaro is one of Europe’s leading publications and one of the world’s best-read websites with an estimated circulation of over 300,000 and monthly online readership of over 115 million. Speaking to journalist Claudia Cohen, Xavier discusses the significance of micro impacts on the supervisory ability of managers within financial firms and ultimately of regulators themselves for markets where staff continue to be in lockdown.

The full article appears here in Le Figaro (subscription required). 

Xavier Pujos has been widely quoted in the media since the publication of his expert whitepapers on the Coronavirus COVID-19 impact for markets, business and people.

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