M&A risk in UK Wealth Management III

The biggest challenge: delivering the business case

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Henry Ford

This third whitepaper in our M&A series discusses the importance of building, validating, and delivering the business case as core to the successful outcome of an M&A deal. As experts in wealth management and private banking M&A due diligence and implementations, we regard long term deal value degradation (DVD) as the impact of not following the business case through to completion.

When is an M&A deal truly “done”? The deal is done when the business outcomes are achieved (or written off). This has several obvious, and other more subtle, implications:
• the outcomes and the supporting benefits case are clearly articulated, auditable, and
independently tracked;
• the ‘problem’ that the acquisition is trying to solve is unambiguously described and not
aligned to a specific acquisition unless the transaction is purely opportunistic.

The M&A business case itself has three stages: building, validating, and realising the benefits, each of which is outlined below.

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