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Want to get the buzz back? Here are our ideas on how you can inspire and motivate your team

Are you find it harder to keep people’s attention in virtual meetings? Across my client base of global banks and financial firms, it’s obvious that people are working tirelessly, yet when they come together in virtual meetings the spark has gone, misunderstandings are rife and there are clear lines of duplication and lack of innovation.

This Harvard Business Review study refers to the 10 minute ‘Zone Out Point’ on Zoom which occurs more with virtual meetings unless you consciously take steps to actively listen.  Another study highlights 33% more ideas are generated face to face than virtually.

Team performance sub-optimal? Morale low? Meetings with no energy? You need to ask yourself as a leader:  ‘How am I going to help my people?’

One quick-fire way to do that is to set up a Team Re-Ignite Session to meet and talk and ask your people:

  • How do they find working in the team?
  • How are they feeling about work?
  • What are they enjoying?
  • What do they find challenging?

Listen to their answers carefully and dive deeper to find underlying causes. Is this about bureaucracy, skills/capability, complexity, decision making? Then, armed with this collective awareness the team can establish new ground rules and build a psychologically safe environment in which they can perform better and enjoy themselves more. This is you moving into being a true compassionate leader who cares, challenges and facilitates positive action.

With over 27 years’ experience in developing high performing individuals, teams and organisations, Sionic’s Learning & Development team are industry experts in understanding how to inspire, engage and motivate people in financial services. A snapshot looks like this:

Sionic infographic showing the key points of the Equip to Lead leadership short course for financial services professionals

If you want to be a compassionate leader who sustains performance then join Equip to Lead programme this Autumn. Find out more and sign up here.

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