Sionic’s KYC Managed Service for Exchanges and CCPs

It’s time to turn billion-dollar fines, spiralling frustration and clients facing jail into compliant KYC, new revenue streams and satisfied clients

Client due diligence (CDD) has such a simple aim: to stop ‘bad actors’ in their tracks and ensure clients are exactly who they say they are. Yet for years, we’ve heard the same cry:

“KYC should be so easy – why is it so complicated and costly? Why do clients need to provide the same information, over, and over again?”

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The stakes are high.

  • Over the past decade regulators across North America, Europe, APAC and the Middle East have issued approx. $30BN in AML / KYC and sanctions related fines.
  • Compliance officers in CFTC regulated entities face up to 10 years in prison and $1M in personal fines if they cannot prove their innocence.
  • Now the sixth Anti-Money Laundering Directive broadens criminal liability, covers cryptocurrencies, introduces four-year jail sentences, imposes tougher penalties  – and takes effect 3rd June 2021.

We believe there is a better way – and we have built it.

KYC managed service for exchanges and CCP

We are world-leaders in advising exchanges and CCPs in all aspects of their business strategy, regulatory requirements and operational performance. We are also experts in all aspects of KYC, client onboarding and due diligence, financial crime compliance (prevention and compliance).

Sionic’s KYC Managed Service for Exchanges and CCPs enables firms to remove the burden on member institutions by centralising, automating and simplifying customer document collection, document storage, risk assessment, risk screening, ongoing due diligence and other key KYC related processes. It enables exchanges and CCPs to offer clients a managed service approach that:

  • optimises KYC and CDD business operations
  • improves risk management and compliance
  • reduces cost and regulatory scrutiny
  • enhances clients’ experience

Fraud prevention is about leadership. Our solution allows you to focus on controlling strategic risk. 

If you want to turn billion-dollar fines, spiralling frustration and clients facing jail into compliant KYC, new revenue streams and satisfied clients, download our whitepaper here.Meet the experts

Pino Vallejo

Picture of Pino Vallejo Managing Partner at Sionic

Pino Vallejo

I am a hands-on operations executive. I have a proven track record in delivering automation across organisations, while maintaining full control and security over processes and alignment with Federal Reserve, SEC and FINRA regulations. I specialise in bilateral and syndicated loans, global trade finance, corporate finance, structured finance, and global treasury supporting foreign exchange, derivatives, futures, US and international equities, US and international fixed income, mortgage backed securities, repo trading, money markets, and electronic cash management. I am ACAMS certified in both KYC and CDD, with expertise in FenergoPega, iMeta as well as a range of in-house solutions.

Christian Lee

Picture of Christian Lee partner

Christian Lee

I advise clients on how to understand, manage and respond to the challenge of regulatory change. I am recognised as a risk management expert with specialist knowledge of clearing, derivatives reform and regulation. At the height of the 2008 banking crisis, in my previous role as head of the LCH SwapClear Default Management Group, I took over responsibility for a considerable part of the Lehman’s $90trillion portfolio. Along with the rest of the team, we unwound approx. 66,000 trades across five currencies and handled unprecedented sums in the process. Today, my clients include banks and many of the world’s international and regional exchanges and central counterparties.


 Find out more – download our whitepaper here.