What does it take to be a ‘virtual’ leader?

In the light of COVID-19, colleagues and clients alike are asking the same question: ‘What does it take to be a virtual leader?’

This new opinion piece from Richard Bidder, Sionic Partner and an expert in people, talent and organisational development in financial services, explores the current acceleration of ‘The Digital Bank’ and discusses how to approach leadership in a rapidly changing world.

“The traditional leadership model, in which at least one had the possibility of meeting colleagues and developing relationships in-person had its challenges, but at least the unwritten rules were clear.

Running a large-scale programme for a global organisation traditionally required significant knowledge, interpersonal skills and a relentless focus on achieving the target outcomes.  It also required regular global travel and yielded a significant carbon footprint.

The current virtual leader may have it particularly hard.  He or she may feel guilty at times about doing work at all, when the world is suffering.

This is therefore a fundamentally important question to answer since organisations are now relying on virtual leadership to be successful on an industrial scale. High-performing organisations must deliver their change agendas in order to transform their capability in the market: learning never stops.

With a new way of working for many, a virtual leader will consider flexing style and consciously practise

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Conceptual agility
  • Collaboration for success
  • Inspiring others …

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