7 October 2021

Mike Prior

I have extensive experience in strategic transformation and change across business and technology,

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24 September 2021

Conor McKenna

My work has covered operating models, process improvement, strategic transformation and of course, change delivery

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27 July 2021

Rebecca Gashi

I have a background in international law, and 30 years’ experience in asset management, banking transformation and life and pensions

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6 April 2021

James Tasker

My key area of focus has been helping clients navigate ESG challenges and developing thought leadership in this space

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5 May 2020

Sarah Poyner

My consultancy work focuses on designing and creating operating models, including outsourcing, which bring scalable business efficiencies

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14 January 2019

Andy Butler

I help clients to identify beneficial and lasting change oppurtunities such as operating model review and organisational structural enhancement

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26 October 2018

Marlene Dieckert

I enjoy facing complex challenges and have great enthusiasm for beneficial change

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13 July 2018

Clare Vincent-Silk

I am a trusted advisor to the asset management industry specialising in operations and technology strategy, operating model design and implementation. I help firms make effective change so they are more efficient and effective.

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