15 September 2023

Rashmith Shetty

I’m a Chartered Accountant with almost 2 years of experience in the FMCG industry. I’m proficient at understanding numbers and making sense of finances.

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30 August 2023

Gareth Cameron

I am a marketer that has spent the past decade marketing and performing strategic functions across several business sectors.

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21 August 2023

Paul M. Joseph

My journey has been marked by rich experiences in transaction services, encompassing cash management, securities services, and liquidity and collateral management.

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11 August 2023

Jack Enever

I began my journey in Accounts Receivables, being involved in billing, debt collection and weekly finance reporting.

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9 June 2023

Natalie Artyomenko

I’m a Communications Manager with six years of experience in internal communications, social media management, and digital channel strategy.

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5 May 2023

Mopani Mkandawire

My principle is to use communication to help people understand why we do what we do, what we want to achieve, and how they can play a part.

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6 April 2023

Priyanka Sachdev

I am working from Mumbai and recruiting the best IT professionals for our clients.

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21 March 2023

Sejal Lodha

I am a qualified chartered accountant having experience and sound knowledge in the field of accounts, finance, and taxation.

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