Put an Agile Spring Back in Your Project Sponsorship Step

This event is part of our regular series for members of our Professional Development in Financial Services community

The role of Project Sponsor is pivotal to achieving successful outcomes – and yet it’s a hard role to get right. The degree of complexity facing almost every organisation today demands an agile approach and yet mainstream ‘Agile’ has proved fragile or ‘wagile’. Let’s look beyond the hype and into some of the real enablers of successful agile delivery.

In this community exchange session, Sionic leadership development expert Deborah Challinor is joined by Sionic Managing Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Peter Stone, who will explore operating vision, outcome thinking and collaboration as the foundation of agility; effective ways of problem solving; and the kind of active governance that supports real risk management.

Our community exchange sessions provide a safe, confidential environment where we can share experiences with peers, unpack the issues and hear from Sionic experts on patterns that support building trust and enabling successful delegation.

Fridays are a great day for thinking, so come join us and address one of the significant challenges in our industry today and feel inspired, connected, expanded.

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