Coronavirus: impact on markets and business 2nd instalment

As experts in risk and the changing nature of risk, Sionic is today 24 March 2020 issuing a second briefing on our perspective on the impact of Coronavirus: impact on markets and business 2nd instalment, authored by Managing Partner Xavier Pujos. It follows our initial briefing issued 04 March 2020.

Since our initial publication, the situation has deteriorated significantly around the world, with a strong nexus centred in Europe.

  • The World Health Organisation (WHO) has officially declared as a pandemic.
  • Nearly every country in the world (183 countries and territories as of March 20th) has reported at least one case. Europe has a large number of those cases.
  • Italy, although it has not reached the level of China for the number of infected individuals, has now declared more deaths than China.
  • Only parts of Africa and a few countries in Asia have been spared so far (or have not been able to clearly identify cases).

Our newly updated whitepaper takes a global perspective of the spread of the virus and its impact for people, businesses and markets worldwide.

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About the author

Xavier Pujos

Managing partner

I help financial institutions address the combined challenges of regulation, capital efficiency and organisational effectiveness.