Sionic FundFinance data sheet

FundFinance is the latest in Sionic’s new suite of AI and machine-learning tools developed by our specialist Data & Technology Practice, led by Managing Partner Ken Bigelow. This tool takes an innovative approach to the challenges of the fund finance ecosystem as the lending market grows and existing mechanisms for tracking performance prove insufficient.

FundFinance offers a range of AI-assisted portfolio and risk management tools, specifically built for fund finance lenders, including:

  • AI-based ingestion of deal and borrowing base information from official deal documentation
  • exposure – able to slice and dice exposures across deals, investors; download data to Excel for ad hoc reporting, define standard reports that are produced automatically
  • fund manager performance tracking
  • integrated credit hierarchy; auto-assigned internal rating using your rating model
  • investor name matching – IBM v I.B.M. v International Business Machines – to ensure a consistent investor across all deals
  • maintenance of an investor hierarchy – sponsors, borrowers, SPVs
  • single “true source” of fund finance data
  • supports sophisticated deal structures – subscription – advance rates, investor classification concentration caps, hurdle rates, umbrella deals, NAV – asset-specific performance parameters
  • tracking investor behaviour across deals

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Meet the expert

Ken Bigelow

Managing partner

As an experienced global CIO, I know how to navigate change, negotiate stakeholder needs and deliver results.