30 April 2021

Corporate action risk mitigation

How to minimise risk and maximise performance in a post pandemic world

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18 December 2018

A perfect storm for the future of dealing

A number of complex factors are converging to create a potential ‘perfect storm’, likely to drive strategic change for the dealing function.

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6 October 2017

Market data services flash survey findings

In 2017 we completed a ‘flash survey’ among our clients to assess their use and experience of market data providers – for the provision of index data, security reference data, prices and fundamental data. Download our white paper to learn more

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14 July 2016

Digital and the role of the transfer agent

Over the past year the term ‘Digital’ has invaded Asset Management terminology without a clear definition of what it is and what it means. What is digital and is it the end of the traditional role of the transfer agent? Download our white paper to learn more

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13 September 2013

Dear CEO – a view on risk migration

The ‘Dear CEO’ letter on outsourcing issued by the FSA (now FCA) in December 2012 was prompted by the regulator’s concerns around the deficiencies and inconsistencies exhibited by the asset manager community around their management and oversight of material outsourcing relationships. Download this white paper to learn more

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