Advising on operating platform transformation and service provider selection.

As success and growth place extra pressure on operating platforms, how do leading alternative investment providers transform their businesses?

The challenge

Man is one of the world’s leading providers of alternative investments. They manage a large, diverse product range and huge volumes via an operating platform tailored to the needs of individual clients. To handle the sheer quantity of business, Man outsourced to a multitude of service providers but without a common approach or consistent use of service agreements or governance. Man was a victim of their own success. While their specialism had created a position of great strength it had also created great complexity. And the time had come for Man to reassess the way they managed processes and service providers.

Our approach

We put in place a dedicated, specialist team that understood both the alternative investments market and the role of outsourcing. Our team focused on two fundamental tasks: the design and implementation of a new operating platform and the identification and selection of strategic service providers. We worked seamlessly with Man’s internal teams to enable the free flow of knowledge and analysis, insights that informed the design of a new operating platform, which incorporated each client’s unique requirements and a wide range of products. The implementation of the new operating platform was managed to minimise disruption and enable Man to maintain service levels. We also conducted rate card analysis and due diligence to identify and shortlist strategic service providers, negotiating commercial and legal terms on behalf of Man.

Our impact

A new, standardise operation platform has transformed business for Man. Today, they provide each client with a tailored solution that incorporates industry best practice, but also can be aligned to the GLG operating model to create a more scalable business model. Our rate card analysis has also introduced a new, highly efficient process for the recruitment of strategic service providers. Man can now choose service providers based on their available product ranges and their relative strengths, benefits that have created economies of scale and mitigated counterparty risk.

Note: This case study was first published by Catalyst prior to the Sionic merger