Our story

Sionic unites three firms – Catalyst, Knadel and Sionic Advisors – with a common commitment and a proud track record of more than 25 years of delivering outstanding expertise to financial services clients worldwide. 

Our different histories do not divide us: they are part of who we are now. Together, our global track record of achievement enables us to advise clients with informed understanding, as well as technical expertise.

Wherever we work, we share common values and an enduring commitment to expertise and to people: our colleagues and our clients alike. 

These are some of the key moments in our story, so far.

Key moments


Sionic accelerates its strategic ambitions to become the pre-eminent supplier of business, operations and people development services to the world’s leading banks and financial institutions – starting the year with the appointment of ‘pace-setter’ Mark Humphries as our new Chairman and followed by our win and commendations at the 9th Annual European WealthBriefing awards

Sionic Chairman Mark Humphries

Sionic wins again at the WealthBriefing Awards


Despite everything 2020 threw at the world, Sionic has another successful year, pivoting seamlessly to remote working and digital delivery, securing Chartered Banker Institute accreditation for two of our key learning and development programmes, winning new clients, winning new business – and winning Best Management Consultancy in the 8th Annual European WealthBriefing awards.


Sionic is born: Catalyst celebrates its 25th anniversary year by expanding its City of London base and merging with global specialists Sionic Advisors to create one united firm – a $60M business of over 300 professionals based in more than a dozen locations across Europe, North America and Asia.

Catalyst and Sionic Merger gif


Sionic Advisors opens their first office in India


Catalyst celebrates a record year: in under 12 months the firm acquires Knadel; is named as a top 50 UK Best Workplace™; opens its first nearshore base in Lithuania; launches and expands its offshore base in Jersey; appoints it’s first HRD and signs its first strategic academic alliance in mainland Europe.


Sionic Advisors open offices in Madrid, Singapore and Zurich


Catalyst announces an investment partnership with Livingbridge PE


Sionic Advisors opens their first London office


Catalyst is awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise, in recognition of the firm’s global impact.


Sionic Advisors opens their Toronto office in June 2015


Sionic Advisors introduce their managing partner structure in March 2015 with Diane Cenci, Ken Bigelow and Joseph Buonpastore joining the firm, on track to be managing partners


Sionic Advisors is founded in October 2014 by Craig Sher, Chris Crowe and Harjinder Sidhu


Catalyst completes a management buy-out from Abeam


Catalyst achieves record profits during its buy-out year


Catalyst is bought by Abeam


Catalyst decides to focus exclusively on financial markets


Catalyst delivers a milestone project: the Global Tech Intra Ops model for JP Morgan Chase


Catalyst moves headquarters to Fleet Street in the City of London


Catalyst de-merges from The Blueprint Group


Catalyst runs the inaugural Core Capabilities programme for JP Morgan, in New York


Catalyst delivers its first £1million assignment, for UBS


Catalyst delivers its first £100K programme, for Sun Alliance


Catalyst delivers the Odyssey programme for JP Morgan and also forms ‘The Blueprint Group’ with JM


Catalyst is founded by Greg Davis with a commitment to be a distinctively ‘clean and proud’ consultancy