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Regulators’ relentless focus on financial crime and compliance and the penalties for non-compliance continue to escalate, even beyond the tenfold increase of the last five years. At the same time, firms face an increasingly unpredictable landscape of sanctions and restrictions at both a jurisdiction and personal level and an increased pace of regulatory change. Keeping abreast of all this is both challenging and complex, and the costs can be substantial.

We help clients to formulate strategic approaches and demonstrate measurable progress in reducing risks while maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of financial crime and compliance programs, applications, and solutions.

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We specialise in the full range of Anti Money Laundering (AML) services that includes systems implementation and integration, model tuning, screening and transaction monitoring & testing:

Operational streamlining

  • Process Automation utilising AI and ML.
  • Tuning/optimisation, reducing false positives and enhancing efficiency.

Functional coverage

  • OCC 2011-12, OSFI E-23, DFS Part 504 Compliance, Model Management Programs.
  • Independent Testing, Lookbacks, Remediation.

Operating Model

  • AML/Sanction Program Design, Systems Implementation, Risk Assessment.
  • AML/CFT and Sanction System Selection, Implementation and Utilisation.

With our knowledge and expertise in Regulatory Compliance Management, we understand that keeping abreast of regulatory change makes it challenging to find skilled compliance resources.

Our compliance outsourcing model augments your existing teams to help you navigate the compliance landscape by providing skilled compliance expertise including:

  • Exam Preparation
  • Regulatory Inventory
  • Board / Executive Reporting
  • (Registrations) Conduct Compliance
  • Control Building
  • Monitoring and Testing

No matter your needs, we can customize solutions to help you effectively manage your regulatory requirements and obligations.

Despite financial services firms increasing their efforts to address growing market and regulatory demands, they are still being fined for conduct-related issues. Specifically we see the challenges as:

  • More paperwork is making it worse.
  • Siloed approach to conduct management.
  • Increased distance to impacted stakeholders.
  • Blindly following rules without knowing why.
  • All stick and no carrot.

To address these challenges, we have combined the experience and capabilities of our FCC and Learning & Organisational Development Practices to create ASCENT, a set of products that can be used individually or as an overarching program of change to build a culture of high performance when it comes to Financial Crime and Compliance.

Our expertise in anti money laundering and fraud prevention also extends into the world of cryto currencies and investment. We regularly host expert seminars and offer insights and opinions on topics including

Sionic covers the fraud spectrum using our extensive experience with specialist technologies, model implementation and tuning:

  • Identity theft
  • New account fraud
  • Debit card fraud
  • Account takeover
  • Cyber crime.
  • Credit card fraud.
  • Check fraud.

Our proven Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) services span the full front-to-back operational cycle, and all lines of defence. Our methodical approach to horizon scanning, regulatory intelligence and law inventory support, combined with overall expertise in regulation benchmarking, collection and alignment, ensures that clients have a front-to-back perspective of the compliance value chain.

We have successfully delivered 500+ initiatives for clients, across all lines of defence, and provide regulatory intelligence services to 100+ blue chip clients globally across financial services.

Our expert team understands the strategic and tactical challenges facing Financial Institutions when managing client due diligence. From onboarding to off-boarding, we cover everything required to help clients take the required steps to mitigate financial crime. We also help clients leverage the power of technology to automate and reduce the manual effort to make the process efficient and effective.

The range of regulatory requirements from the SEC, EMIR, MIFID and MAR have challenged current approaches common to financial institutions. The Sionic team can support the review and remediation of current practices to meet the increasing list of monitoring requirements.

Our deep knowledge of financial services data and the related regulatory obligations allow us to assist clients in ensuring that models across multiple domains and business lines are functioning as expected and meet internal and external obligations.

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