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Signals is Sionic’s thought leadership networking service. Through surveys and forums, it brings together those with strategic roles to share experiences, discuss common challenges to enrich their planning and development activities.

Sionic Signals

The Asset Management practice has developed the first community aimed at CTOs, CIOs, Heads of Technology, CDOs, COOs with technology responsibilities with topics selected by the participants.

Previous Events:

Signals: Distribution & CX

21 September 2023

Our agenda was led by a panel of experts from across Sionic focusing on some topical distribution challenges:

• How are you sourcing data for Client Engagement & Service Delivery, and who is responsible?
• How are you handling ESG in your client reports, RFPs and factsheets?
• Are you maximising data insights and success metrics?
• Are your clients’ getting the best Onboarding experience?
• Are you considering your overall Client Experience (CX) in the context of consumer duty?

Signals: Tokenisation

7 September 2023

Sionic Signals roundtable discussion on tokenisation within the Asset Management space. We heard from Ricky Maloney, DLT lead within Sionic’s Asset & Wealth Management team, along with guest speakers from Archax and State Street.

We explored:

  • Tokenisation opportunities for the Buy Side
  • Digital Assets, launch, lifecycle and custody
  • Market insights on tokenisation
  • Panel discussion around presentation themes, survey findings and Q&A

Managed Data Services

We are observing growing interest among the asset management community in the ever-evolving Managed Data Services in both market data management and operational (IBOR / ABOR) data divisions. Insight into both Buy Side & Sell Side trends was obtained from survey findings with the aim to explore:

  • The breadth of provider services available
  • Current usage of MDS by asset managers and demand for future use
  • The extent to which MDS can solve asset managers’ data challenges

Snowflake – a new dawn for data

We are seeing surging demand for the data platform; it is cloud agnostic and can be used instead of or in conjunction with cloud providers’ native tools and services. We looked at:

  • The extent of usage of Snowflake by asset managers, owners, and their service providers
  • How Snowflake is being used and for what use cases
  • What benefits are being and could be derived.

Operational Resilience: are you prepared?

With increased regulatory attention, Operational Resilience is becoming a growing point of focus across the Asset Management industry. This has been further accelerated by the challenges of the past 12 months and as firms strategise for 2021, and beyond. This forum explored a number of key themes relating to Operational Resilience from a technology perspective:

  • Operational Resilience Programme state of readiness
  • Key threats to your Operational Resilience
  • Identifying potential material harms, e.g. cyber attack
  • Embedding better resilience and oversight, including home working
  • The future of Business Continuity Plans, including Disaster Recovery
  • Determining the scope across your ecosystem, including key supplier

The Evolution of the IT Function

  • The extent that firms introduce business-enabled IT
  • How firms managing the inherent risks
  • How the IT function is adapting to ensure it is a service-orientated, business enabler
  • The potential impact and evolution on the IT organisational structure and the sourcing of IT professionals: is IT becoming more federated?

Data Governance 2.0 and Modern Data Solutions

  • Exploring the extent of adoption of different solutions and data governance frameworks
  • What has been implemented by asset managers to-date
  • Levels of success
  • Lessons learnt


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