Celebrating equality in the work place

Clients and Sionic staff come together in London to mark International Women’s Day

It was a pleasure to welcome a range of clients to our International Women’s Day event on Wednesday 4th March. Many thanks to our guest speakers Helen Buckwell and Gifty Enright for their insightful input.

Here’s Sionic partner Deborah Challinor demonstrating our approach to achieving an equal environment:
Deborah Challinor speaks at International Women's Day

Deborah comments

What’s the fuss all about! If you talk to the next generation about to enter the working world they will tell you they are expecting equal treatment. The reality is many organisations still have a long way to go. Everyone who attended the Sionic International Women’s Day event cared passionately about this equal for all environment. They shared war stories of being talked over in meetings and excluded from “corridor” decision making. They were inspired by two speakers and left with the challenge and some simple tips to do more in their own organisations today…as tomorrow is only a day away.

Thank you to all those who attended.

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