Coronavirus – a view from Sionic

As global cases head towards 100,000, we’ve updated our briefing on the impacts for financial markets

As experts in risk and the changing nature of risk, Sionic has updated and reissued (on 5 March 2020) our latest briefing paper on our perspective on the impact of Coronavirus, authored by Managing Partner Xavier Pujos. This is a fast-moving global situation and this content is intended for information only. The briefing note addresses the current situation, the effects on the global economy and stock markets, what we can learn from the past – and what may happen next

Download our Sionic Briefing – Coronavirus impact on markets and business here.

Xavier Pujos comments:

“Coronavirus (Covid-19) is already having a tremendous impact on markets, businesses and most of all, people.  This new type of risk requires financial firms to act with wisdom, as well as agility to adjust their behaviours and client interactions, particularly as we are now entering a possibly prolonged situation.  Firms need to consider a wide range of responses to business continuity, disaster recovery, payments, even simple access to cash.  As experts in advising financial firms on all aspects of their operations, this paper offers a summary overview of the current position, in a very fast-moving context.”

Download our Sionic Briefing – Coronavirus impact on markets and business here.

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