Jim Monahan writes exclusively for Global Custodian

Global harmonisation: defining the new norm in corporate action management

Writing exclusively for Global Custodian, Sionic Operations Partner and asset servicing specialist Jim Monahan calls for corporate action processes to ‘wake up’ to new ways of working in the post-pandemic world.  Jim writes:

“Defining the new norm will most certainly extend across all facets of our personal and professional lives as an event of this scale will create a change in the preferences and expectations of employees, employers and clients.These shifts and their impact on how we commute, how we work, and how we leverage technology will emerge more clearly over the coming months. Those industries and firm’s that reinvent themselves to make the most of this “socially distant” driven evolution toward the “new” norm will have a foothold in defining their success tomorrow.”

The full piece is published today [06 May 2020] here exclusively on Global Custodian.

Jim Monahan is a specialist in global operations management, global asset services, change management and implementation, risk mitigation and management.

  • Before joining Sionic, Jim was Executive Director at Morgan Stanley New York, where he was both co-head of the Global Institutional Asset Servicing line teams and Global Head of the Asset Servicing ‘Change the Bank’ Programme.
  • Jim previously served as Morgan Stanley’s Institutional Asset Servicing Regional Head for North America, following senior roles at Bank of America Securities, and Merrill Lynch.
  • Jim has also held several industry leadership positions, most notably on the Corporate Action Section Advisory Board of SIFMA; the Board of Broadridge’s Independent Proxy Steering Committee and on DTCC’s Asset Servicing Advisory Board.


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