Creating new data management and reporting services

We defined an 18-month road-map and new target operating model that secured alignment and commitment

Collaborating with a large investment bank to design and deliver a new data management and reporting service has many benefits, including boosting confidence.

The challenge

This international banking and markets organisation had initiated a data remediation initiative in direct response to commercial and regulatory pressures. This included creating a new global, shared service for data and reporting services.

The primary motive was to consolidate all activities from finance, risk, technology and operations that were providing data (trade, transaction and balance) and reporting services to the business, to increase consistency control and efficiency across a standardise system.

We were engaged to assess the candidate functions and create a target operating and sourcing model for the new data and reporting services group.

Our approach

Our team included operations, technology, operating model and change management expertise and immediately designed and managed a workshop to establish the purpose and scope, vision and objectives for data and reporting services.

We assessed a range of functions and conducted a detailed landscape review to provide insight into exactly what activities, roles and personnel would move into data and reporting services.

In addition, we analysed all inbound operations and defined an 18-month road-map, which focused on building the required assets and initiating the new services and teams.

Our impact

Our work has had a significant impact upon our client’s operations, and key staff feel empowered. The client’s COO for international banking and markets has confidence in our benefits delivery plan, as efficiency improvements are now included in budget commitments. The Head of Data and Reporting Services has a new management team who understand and who are aligned and committed to the implementation of a new target operating model.

Note: This case study was first published by Catalyst prior to the Sionic merger

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