Earth Day 2020

22 Apr

With many parts of the world still under Coronavirus COVID-19 lockdown, Sionic staff from across the Americas, Europe and Asia are celebrating Earth Day 2020 by sharing images of places that mean the most to them.

The result is a collage – with a snapshot below – of images stretching from Galway, Ireland to the base camp of K2.

Begoña Fernandez from Sionic’s Madrid team, one city hit first and worst by Coronavirus, led the Earth Day initiative.

Begoña Fernandez comments:

“EarthDay 2020 is particularly special as so many staff have been under lockdown inside their own homes for so long.  As a global firm, we wanted to do something that connected us with our colleagues, with all the other parts of our firm in other countries, and that showed our collective commitment to this global cause. This idea of sharing images has really united us across continents. It’s also been a positive activity for our well-being. It’s great to have good things to celebrate right now, and everyone in the organising team is really pleased at how we’ve collaborated as a global team to create and share the bigger picture.”

EarthDay sponsor and Sionic Managing Partner Diane Cenci adds

“Sionic has considerable expertise in the impact of ESG and in particular climate change on financial markets. And how our world faces up to global issues is now probably the single biggest challenge of our lifetimes. I spend my life working as an expert in finance and operations – pretty complex technical parts of the banking system.  I’m also very committed to our values and our culture. So when I posted just a simple picture of some green space near my own home, which I don’t normally see when I’m commuting, I was amazed at the immediate positive reaction from right across the firm.  I’d like to thank everyone involved for their contributions to this simple but powerful idea.”

Read more about Sionic’s expertise in climate change:

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