Green Shoots of Trust Based Leadership

25 Mar

If you lead or manage a team, department or organisation, or rely on others to deliver your objectives, delegation is both key and notoriously difficult to master.

Much is also spoken about the need to move away from ‘command and control’ style of leadership but when others so often let us down, how can we feel enough trust in others to change our style?

Join our expert host Deborah Challinor from Sionic’s specialist leadership and development team along with fellow members of our Professional Development in Financial Services LinkedIn community to discover how you can nurture the green shoots of trust-based leadership.

In this community exchange, together we create a safe, confidential environment where we can share experiences with peers, unpack the issues and hear from Sionic experts on patterns that support building trust and enabling successful delegation.

Fridays are great days for thinking – so come join us and address one of the most significant challenges in our industry today and feel inspired, connected, expanded.

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